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Dear LHoFT Board Member,


The wine you are about to enjoy was bottled exclusively for you in Piedmont (Italy) by the prestigious winemaker, Mr. Walter Massa.

Your bottle is unique,
the proof is at your fingertips

Every CapChain-enabled bottle comes equipped with a NěSTGATE™ NFC tag, developed by Guala Closures, embedded into the closure.

This tag contains a unique bottle identifier, registered on major blockchains at the time of bottling, ensuring uniqueness and authenticity, and thus eliminating any possibility of counterfeiting.

Registered on
Bitcoin iconand Ethereum icon
blockchains by the Compellio Registry
guaranteed authenticity

View your bottle's authenticity certificate

Place your smartphone's NFC reader on top of the bottle cap to read the unique identifier.

The position of the NFC reader may vary from smartphone to smartphone. It is usually located at the upper back of the smartphone. Try to position different areas of your smartphone on top of the cap if you cannot read the NFC chip.

Become a distinguished member of Vigneti Massa's club

Vigneti Massa enhances your experience by adopting the CapChain verification and authentication framework. Create your account to access your personalised wine collection space.

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Trust. Loyalty. Engagement.


Our objective is to enable brands to introduce digital interaction technologies into their products with the use of IoT and data exchange services. In this way, brands will be able to present rich product information to consumers, target market segments more effectively, as well as offer new customer engagement opportunities including personalized loyalty programmes.

With CapChain, we aim to eliminate fraud and counterfeiting in the Wines, Spirits, and Pharma industries. Particularly for the wine industry, the estimated value of fraud reaches $3 billion and up to 20% of wines in circulation.

We are delighted that CapChain recently secured a public grant from the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg. We are grateful for the grant, and we look forward to utilizing it in order to develop a leadership position globally.

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In the news

Compellio receives financial support from the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg for a €600.000 R&D project in blockchain

Compellio and Guala Closures Group have joined forces to launch CapChain, a research and development project that aspires to drive blockchain innovation in the wine & spirits market, leveraging on a combination of smart packaging caps, developed by Guala Closures, and Compellio’s blockchain middleware solution, called the Compellio Registry.

Guala Closures to launch NěSTGATE™ range of connected closures

After having equipped Malibu and Boën Californian wine bottles this summer, now Guala Closures unveils its complete range of connected caps at the Monaco Luxe Pack exhibition.

Luxembourg aims to be Europe's pioneer in the blockchain world

Decentralisation, transparency and immutability are the keywords of blockchain. The pillars in Luxembourg have been built to determine the right development strategy of these supply chains. Encouraging widespread adoption for the overall good of the country, is under way.

We wish you a
happy & healthy new year!

drink responsibly