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Open, scalable, secure, blockchain-enabled
management of assets

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After 3 years of work with our corporate customers, we’re excited to announce the availability of our platform as a cloud service.

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Our platform manages the lifecycle of assets in the physical world, such as products, business documents, virtual content and original artworks, through the use of digital twins on blockchains

Blockchain is just a technology. We focus on solutions for your business

Avoid DLT lock-in as Compellio allows integration with multiple blockchains also operating in parallel. With Compellio you can avoid the private vs. public blockchain dilemma and ensure smooth integration of both worlds.

Compellio’s API allows you to integrate blockchains into your application using technologies your developers know and love. With Compellio you can benefit from blockchain technology without the need to reskill and retrain your developers.

Finding the right balance between on-chain and off-chain data can be a challenge. With Compellio you can ensure transparency while protecting your enterprise data, and at the same time guarantee compliance with data protection regulations.

Through a simple and fast onboarding process, you can start benefiting from the capabilities of blockchain in your application in no time.

What it is and
what you can do

What it is ...

The Compellio platform is an enterprise software service powered by blockchain technology that manages the lifecycle of digital representations associated with enterprise assets.

The service can be delivered on premise or over the cloud, and allows interoperability among off-chain systems as well as between off-chain applications and on-chain smart contracts.

Our paper on

... and what you can do

Provide integrity of your business data and documents

Guarantee non-repudiation in your business transactions

Maintain traceability of business decisions

Ensure accountability in the relations with third parties

Preserve authenticity of your products across the whole delivery chain

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Our platform is trusted by industry leaders, public institutions and blockchain communities.

European Institutions Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg Luxembourg House of Financial Technology Infrachain INATBA Luxembourg Blockchain Lab Guala Closures Group Vigneti Massa Alpha Estate