Blochchain Registry

Blockchain-based platform for managing digital & physical assets.

Realise the added value of Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Using the latest in blockchain technology Compellio Registry creates permanent, non-forgeable records of digital content on all major public blockchains.

Holistic Audit Verification

Asset Traceability & Monitoring

Automated GDPR Compliance

Global Counterfeit Protection

Applicable to a large variety of digital & physical assets.

Certificates & Diplomas
Emails & Business Records
Passports, IDs & Health Records
Financial Transactions
IoT Processes & Machine Data
Intellectual Property & Copyrights

No need for infrastructure development or expensive smart contract programming.

Being compatible with private and public cloud architectures, the Compellio Registry brings the power of blockchain technology to mainstream IT applications.

Infinite Blockchain Scalability

Ensure massive throughput without bottlenecks.

Staightforward Integration

Connect your apps easily & safely.

Accelerating blockchain innovation.

"We are proud to combine our new Tap on Cap® closures technology with Compellio blockchain technology; our smart caps - developed in our R&D center in Luxembourg - will ideally help Food & Drinks and pharmaceutical producers around the world to protect and promote their brands."
Marco Giovannini, CEO of Guala Closures Group
Kostas Nikou
Head of Investments Department, Alpha Estate Winery Greece
"With the Compellio Registry we are innovating in the winemaking industry. Compellio's blockchain platform enables us to increase transparency across our vine-to-wine supply chain, strengthen quality assurance, reach end-customers directly and offer them completely new experiences."
Kostas Nikou, Head of Investments Department, Alpha Estate Winery Greece

Trusted partner. Global reach.

Compellio enjoys a Joint Business Relationship with PwC Luxembourg to deliver digitalisation & innovation services globally.

François Génaux
Partner at PwC Luxembourg
"We strongly believe that Blockchain technology will enable all types of industries to work more efficiently, more transparently and in a collaborative mode. We are therefore very pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Compellio to support the deployment of such innovative technology across industries "
François Génaux, Partner at PwC Luxembourg

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