We are excited to announce our new platform for asset-centric interoperability

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Innovation Academy

An e-learning platform for educating your startups, students & employees.

Everything you need in one place.

360° view of theories & cases

Practical guides & tutorials

Insights & market data

Resources, exams & certifications

Deliver knowledge to your community.

Join as Instructor

For educators, consultants & innovation gurus.

  • Create your branded courses
  • Sell & promote your content
  • Get discounts for your users
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Join as Host

For incubators, managers & course directors.

  • Create your branded academy
  • Manage your student classes
  • Drive learning outcomes
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Join as Enterpreneur

For startups, intrapreneurs & students.

  • Accelerate learning curve
  • Turn theory into practice
  • De-risk your business
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Merge theory with practical strategy tools to achieve your goals.

Do you have a new business idea but you don't know where to start?

Use the Innovation Manager in combination with the Innovation Academy to move faster & maximise learning outcomes.