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Piedmont vineyard picks NFC screw caps to fight fakes

nfcw.com · January 28th, 2020

Italian wine producer Vigneti Massa is using Nestgate NFC caps from Guala to secure its supply chain and protect buyers from counterfeits.

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Premier vin protégé par deux acteurs luxembourgeois

Paperjam · January 24th, 2020

Guala Closures Group et Compellio, deux sociétés luxembourgeoises, ont annoncé, lundi, un partenariat qui permet de tracer les produits de ...

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Italian Winery Adopts Interactive Screw-Caps With Blockchain Verification

Cointelegraph · January 24th, 2020

Italian winery adopts NFC-enabled closures to its wines, adding tasting notes, reviews, and blockchain-based authentication.

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Guala Closures Group and Compellio announce commercial collaboration in the domain of blockchain and Internet of Things

Corporatenews.lu · January 25th, 2019

GCL International, a Luxembourg company pertaining to Guala Closures Group, and Compellio S.A. are joining forces in ...

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Au coeur de la blockchain

Journal.lu · November 9th, 2018

Il semblerait que la blockchain devienne un sujet assez sérieux et crédible pour que le cabinet PwC s’en emprenne et s’associe avec la plateforme Compellio dans différents secteurs, pas seulement la place financière. Il faut dire que l’on associe facilement la blockchain et les bitcoins, qui n’ont pas forcément actuellement bonne presse, mais le secteur financier s’est montré jusque-là frileux.

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PwC dans la blockchain avec une start-up

Paperjam · November 9th, 2018

Le cabinet vient de signer un accord de business avec Compellio pour promouvoir l’utilisation de la blockchain. Le Big Four est convaincu de la pertinence de cette technologie pour de nombreux secteurs.

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Compellio, PwC Luxembourg Announce Blockchain Collaboration

Chronicle.lu · October 28th, 2018

Compellio S.A. and PwC Luxembourg have announced that they are joining forces to launch a Joint Business Relationship (JBR) bringing new and innovative services in the fields of blockchain and digitalisation.

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Lux4Good: The First Tech For Good Hackathon

Silicon Luxembourg · October 19th, 2018

The idea behind this hackathon was to build awareness to the measurement of impact. “We wanted the participants to be sensitized! Building an app is more than the cash it will created, it is also a mean to save money and help the community,” said Nicolas. With that idea in mind, Lux4Good asked a coach from Compellio to be present on Saturday to brief the teams on that aspect, and most importantly help them identify three important measures to be implemented in their project.

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A Laboratory for Blockchain Authentication in Institutions

Delano.lu · October 14th, 2018

Luxembourg will be the testing ground for a new blockchain technology application that could detect fraudulent invoice documents, which could be used for all institutional publications.

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Innovate During The Lean Startup Night Luxembourg

Silicon Luxembourg · February 21st, 2018

Compellio, a tech company based in Luxembourg developing business software and services for innovators and entrepreneurial people is organizing the Lean Startup Night in Luxembourg on February 27. We asked Denis Avrilionis and Theofilos Papasternos for more details.

The logos.

The Compellio compass symbolises the thirst for adventure, the desire for the unknown & the passion for constant exploration and risk-taking.

The unjoined black & white sides of the compass pointer represent the semi-inclusive duality that manifests itself in the form of continuous companionships between seemingly opposing concepts like 0 and 1, art and science, abstraction and creation; they appear totally distinct but they naturally move together due to externally imposed forces.

Direction: 45° degrees; the best launch angle (resulting in the longest flight and farthest distance) as it perfectly splits the upward and forward forces.

This conceptualisation perfectly embodies Compellio's values of innovation, balance and effectiveness.

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