We are excited to announce our new platform for asset-centric interoperability

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Fuel innovation & drive learning outcomes.

Stimulate experiential learning.

Transform students into entrepreneurs.

Use Compellio in class for practical implementation of value proposition design, business modeling & Lean testing.

Augment learning outcomes online.

Use the Innovation Academy for a deep-dive into the most prominent theories of entrepreneurship & innovation.

Manage activities & certifications.

Monitor your classroom activities & provide digital certificates that are registered on the blockchain using the Compellio Registry.

Driving innovation in classrooms & research labs.

Blend entrepreneurship courses with state-of-the-art business modeling, customer development & lean startup tools.

Improve learning outcomes by enabling startup-like collaboration between students, researchers & faculty.

Track progress of students and teams in real time, evaluate performance & streamline communications.

Get agile and learn how to synthesize empirical feedback to effectively create, deliver and capture value.

Grasp the dynamics of business strategy & develop a multi-disciplinary understanding of business model innovation.

Accelerate go-to-market and build financially sustainable businesses with a high market potential.

What professors of entrepreneurship say.

Prof. Denise Fletcher
Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, University of Luxembourg
"As Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, what I really value about Compellio is the opportunity it gives students to test hypotheses about potential customers, partners or revenue streams. Using the software to input market data is also a great tool for the production of their final business plans. Above all, Compellio enables students to experience for real the processes faced by entrepreneurs on a daily basis."
Prof. Denise Fletcher, Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, University of Luxembourg

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