Compellio for Corporations

Bringing entrepreneurship to the corporate world

Compellio offers a unique set of online tools that allow your company to effectively run intrapreneurship programs and facilitate innovation within your organization.

Our online solutions provide the flexibility, customizability and scalability that help you:

Develop mentoring and incubation programs tailored to the specific market characteristics, processes and value chains of your industry.

Facilitate project development and implementation in collaboration with your global corporate branches and networks.

Optimize sourcing of innovative projects and transform them to market-ready solutions for commercialization or spinning-off.

Boost open innovation and collaborate online with your innovation intermediaries, technology experts and entrepreneurs-in-residence.

Provide your internal teams with the right tools for the successful development and marketing of new products and services.

Manage corporate venturing programs with a streamlined process of continuous evaluation, reporting and investment monitoring.

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