Manage all your incubation processes centrally.

More control. Better support.

No need for complicated CRM systems.

Central management of applications, evaluations, matchmaking, communications & reporting.

No need for expensive trainers.

Online Innovation Academy with a great variety of courses for startup entrepreneurs, business creators & innovators.

No need for painful due dilligence.

Exportable business plans, automated progress reports, KPI dashboards, document repositories & more...

Get rid of your administrative burdens and focus on your most productive tasks.

Publish and manage fully-branded calls for applications in a streamlined process.

Assess and select best projects or ideas based on customisable evaluation criteria.

Support entrepreneurs with online business modeling and validation tools.

Track interactions between startups, coaches, mentors and investors.

Help startups to quickly build traction and scale revenue growth.

Track startups' progress and monitor portfolio performance 24/7.

Why incubation managers love Compellio.

Gontran Poirot
Incubation Manager at 6zero1
"Compellio offers powerful online tools that help me manage the incubation programme and startup portfolio. Furthermore, Compellio's tools for entrepreneurs enable the social innovators hosted at 6zero1 to develop sustainable business models, identify social impact metrics and track progress as projects mature over time. An amazing tool for every incubator out there!"
Gontran Poirot, Incubation Manager at 6zero1

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